Best Business Mileage Tracker Apps for 2018

Effective Business Mileage Tracker Apps

Business Mileage Tracker Apps | Owning a business can be complicated, especially when reporting the business-related mileage expense. Of course, tax season isn’t until next year. But you should be tracking those miles daily to avoid discrepancies and audits later. Also, tracking your mileage expense helps for a tax deduction. The IRS currently allows a standard rate of .545 cents per business-related mile. This could mean a huge tax relief next year! So, why not start tracking your miles? It’s super easy with these business mileage tracker apps!

TripLog Mileage Tracker

This mileage tracker offers MagicTrip™ which is ideal for busy professionals. The feature allows mileage tracking to begin automatically. How so? There are a few options but my favorites are when it connects to the car’s Bluetooth or when the speed increases after a certain amount! Also, generating the mileage report is super easy. The data is kept in a cloud for simple access. You can also photograph receipts like gas and meal expenses while tracking. So, not only is your mileage information accurate but you will be able to document other expenses accurately as well.

The TripLog Mileage Tracker offers a free account but I recommend choosing the basic or professional upgrades. The basic and professional not only track miles and record expenses but you’ll also have access to the IRS compliant tax reports and the automatic tracking feature. The free account doesn’t offer those features. And if you want access to your account on a computer, than I recommend the professional upgrade. This account allows complete access with the option to use a computer instead of viewing reports on your phone.

The app is very affordable especially when considering all the convenient features. The basic upgrade is $20 a year and the professional is just $40 a year. Awesome right? This small investment will save you a lot of time and your accountant will thank you!


Independent contractors will love this app! The Hurdlr really benefits those who work for Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Instacart, Handy Cleaners, uberEATS, and so much more. The app automatically tracks your mileage and records expenses. Also, if you connect it to your business bank account, Uber, or Lyft account, the app shows your profit before and after tax. This is a great feature because it makes paying taxes easier now that you know how much to set aside.

This app is also affordable like the TripLog Mileage Tracker. Hurdlr offers a free and premium option. The free option includes unlimited mileage tracking, ability to add income and expenses, calculates taxes, and generates reports. Whereas, the premium option offers unlimited mileage tracking and reports. But, it also includes speed tagging, schedule setting, automatically tracks income and expenses, and offers real-time state and self employment tax calculations. The premium option is offered monthly at $7.99 or annually for just $60.

What other business mileage tracking apps do you know? Comment them below and share this post! Other entrepreneurs may be looking for a mileage tracking solution too. And, if you have more questions about tracking your business finances, contact us today. We are an accounting firm in Framingham MA with over 20 years of experience. Call (617) 462-6651 or request an appointment online.