When Do You Need to Hire a Small Business Accountant?

accountant using calculator

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. You are responsible for the day-to-day operations of your business, as well as the long-term planning and growth of your company. With so much on your plate, it is easy to let the finances of your business fall by the wayside. However, this is a mistake that can have serious consequences down the road. One of the most important decisions you can make for your small business is when to hire an accountant. An accountant can help you keep track of your finances, prepare your taxes, and offer advice on financial planning and growth.

So when should you hire an accountant for your small business? Here are a few key situations to consider:

1. Starting a Business

If you are starting a new business, it is important to have someone on your team who is experienced in financial planning and management. An accountant can help you set up your financial systems and processes, track your expenses, and monitor your cash flow. They can also offer advice on how to grow your business sustainably.

2. Writing a Business Plan

A business plan is a critical tool for any business, large or small. It outlines your company’s goals, strategies, and financial projections. An accountant can help you put together a realistic and achievable business plan by providing insights into your financial situation and offer advice on how to grow your business.

3. When Buying or Selling a Business

If you are buying or selling a business, an accountant can be a valuable asset. They can help you understand the financial implications of the transaction and ensure that the deal is structured in a way that is beneficial for you. An accountant can also help you negotiate with buyers or sellers and prepare the necessary paperwork.

4. When You’re Being Audited

If your business is being audited by the IRS or a state tax authority, an accountant can help you navigate the process. They can review your financial records, help you prepare for an audit, and represent you during the audit itself.

5. When You Want to Save Time on Repetitive Financial Tasks

As your business grows, you will likely find yourself spending more and more time on financial tasks such as invoicing, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. An accountant can take on these repetitive tasks so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

6. When Your Business is Experiencing Rapid Growth

If your business is growing quickly and you’re not sure you can keep up with all the financial details, an accountant can help you keep your financial affairs in order. An accountant can also help you plan for future growth and ensure that your financial records and tax filings are up-to-date.


There are a few key indicators that it may be time to hire an accountant for your small business. If you are growing rapidly and your financial needs are becoming more complex, it’s probably time to seek professional help. Similarly, if you are struggling to keep up with bookkeeping and tax filing, an accountant can take care of those responsibilities for you. Finally, if you are facing a financial audit or other legal issues, an accountant can provide valuable guidance.

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