How to Get a Tax Refund from the IRS

tax refund

Tax Refund

You should get a tax refund automatically through a mailed check or a direct deposit. It shouldn’t take longer than three weeks.

Here is what to consider if you haven’t received your refund taxes yet.

Checking “Where is My Refund Page”

Checking your tax refund status is easy. You can go to the IRS “Where is my Refund” page to check the status of your tax refunds.

You will need the following details to verify the refund status:

  • Social security number or ITIN
  • Your filing status
  • Your exact refund amounts

You can also check the refund status through the IRS mobile application IRS2go. If you filed through a tax preparer, you can also seek guidance again.

You can call the IRS phone service to verify the tax refund status but the lines would be busy as it is limited service at the moment.

The IRS updates the tax refund pages once a day, usually, overnight. So, if your refund status is not clear on a given day, you can check again the next day.

Why Is Your Tax Refund Late

The IRS takes around three weeks or 21 days to post a tax refund from the date of your filing taxes.

Under normal circumstances, your tax refunds should not take longer than that. However, as for the last couple of tax seasons, the IRS may face difficulties or delays due to delayed tax filings and extended deadlines.

Here are a few common reasons that may result in a delay:

  • Filing through paper tax returns rather than electronically
  • Errors on tax filing returns
  • Amending your tax returns or applying for corrections
  • Filing incomplete, inaccurate, or wrong tax filings
  • Mismatch of information like wrong SSN
  • Filing late or too early
  • A change in tax code from the IRS

Normally, you’ll receive an intimation for incomplete information from the IRS. Therefore, check your latest communication with the IRS to find out the exact reason for your delayed refund.

What to Do if your Tax Refund is Inaccurate or Delayed

You can take a few different directions if your tax refund is delayed. First of all, you’ll need to determine whether your tax refund is delayed or withheld by the IRS.

For example, if you owed more in taxes to the IRS and you paid less, then the IRS may hold your refund check if any.

Similarly, if you didn’t notify the IRS about your mailing address changes or direct deposit methods, your refund will be on hold or returned.

Therefore, you’ll need to contact the IRS about such changes. Your professional tax preparer can help you choose the right option and resolve the issue conveniently representing you with the IRS.

How to Get a Faster Tax Refund

If you plan well, you can get a faster money. However, you’ll need professional advice to get through the tax preparation to claim a refund process smoothly.

Here are a few tips:

  • Consult a professional tax preparer when filing tax returns to avoid any errors and mistakes.
  • Ask your tax representative to file electronically, avoiding paper returns will fasten the process significantly.
  • You can choose to receive the refund through a paper check or a direct deposit. Always choose the direct deposit method as it’s an electronic fund transfer and a faster way.
  • Track your tax filing returns on the IRS page regularly.
  • Verify that your tax returns have been filed and the refund is in process.

How to Accurately File your form W-4 to Avoid Overpaying Taxes

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any refunds but that’s not always the case with estimated filings and changing tax deductions and credits.

If you seek help from a professional tax preparer, you can accurately file tax returns. Expecting a bigger tax refund means you have been paying more in taxes than owed to the IRS.

There are no interest earnings on your additional taxes paid to the IRS. So, it’s critical to apply accurate tax returns.

Here are a few tips for you to accurately file your form W-4 and avoid overpaying in taxes:

  • Choose the correct family status
  • Accurately fill in all the input information
  • Consult a professional tax preparer to correctly claim deductions and credits
  • Include all your sources of income
  • Record any specific withholding tax amount
  • File for a new form whenever your family status changes

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