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Facts about Wellesley, MA

Wellesley, Massachusetts is part of the Greater Boston area and is located in Norfolk County. Settled in 1660 and incorporated in 1881, Wellesley operates a representative town meeting type of government for its almost 30,000 residents. There is a proud historical legacy associated with Wellesley, MA. Cottage Street in the town is designated as the historical district of Wellesley with protected buildings, which were homes dating back to the 1860s.

The people of Wellesley enjoy a strong economy and high standard of living, with one of the highest median family incomes in the state. A college district in its own right, the town is home to Wellesley College, Babson College, and the Massachusetts Bay Community College. Notable people from the town includes Nobel Peace Prize winner Emily Greene Balch and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who graduated from Wellesley High School.

Accounting Services in Wellesley, MA

In any business, there is much to be done as it relates to the day to day operation. This burden can be lighter if when you outsource your accounting services to a capable CPA firm.   shutterstock_199869506

  • Bookkeeping Services – Bookkeepers are responsible for handling basic accounting and record keeping; this includes accounts payable and receivable, taxes, bank account reconciliation, ledger accounting, monthly financials, and payroll. Bookkeepers generally work under the supervision of a CPA, and they play an important role in making sure that source data is accurate.
  • Accounting Services – In addition to bookkeeping, you will need more comprehensive accounting services. This includes financial statement preparation, budgets, cash flow and other critical financial accounts, necessary to inform the relevant persons as to the financial status of the business. Accounting services will also include forensic accounting and audit services.
  • Consulting Services – The role of a good accounting firm will also include giving the business owner financial advice. This can vary from advice on tax matters, risk management, and financial investments. As the preparer of your financials, your CPA also possesses the skills to analyze and offer consulting to help improve your overall financial status.

With a CPA firm in Wellesley, MA, in charge of your accounts, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Private individuals just like businesses can also benefit from accounting services. Future planning and better financial decisions can only be achieved with an accurate and organized account of your current income, expenses, and investments.

CPA Firm Serves Wellesley, MA

CPA Firm offers accounting services to individuals and businesses, alike in Wellesley, MA. Our experience and expertise are just some of the advantages of hiring us as your CPA firm of choice. Other advantages include:

  • Accurate data and detailed financial reports.
  • Licensed and highly qualified accounting professionals with years of experience.
  • Affordable fee structures with flexible payment options.
  • Analysis and consultative reporting for making critical financial decisions.

In many instances, both individuals and businesses will wait until there is a crisis before hiring a CPA firm. At Ash CPA Firm, we would caution against such costly decisions. Having an accountant on board from the beginning will allow for the easy resolution of any accounting issue as it arises.

Ash Wasilidas, CPA Firm offers accounting and bookkeeping services to nonprofit and for-profit organizations. We serve individuals, as well. Ash CPA is also A+ rated with the BBB, so can trust Ash Wasilidas to manage all of your CPA and accounting needs. Don’t wait, call us today at (617) 462-6651.