Choosing Professional Tax Preparation Services

tax preparation services

Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services | You have to share a lot of personal and business income details with a tax preparer. These professionals can help you file tax returns for your business and individual taxes. In turn, you should also seek clearance on the process and credentials of a tax specialist like a CPA.

Many taxpayers do not explore the credentials or relevant experience of the tax professional they hire. It’s hard to do it with guesswork though.

Here is our quick guide for you to help you choose the best tax preparation services.


Before you hire a tax preparer or consult any professional services, know what you need from them. Different business entities or individuals require different tax preparation services. If you are filing as an individual, self-employed, or a sole proprietor, your business taxes will be different from those of a corporation.

You can find seasonal tax program agents that can prepare your tax returns. However, professional tax preparation services like a CPA can be your best option. A CPA can offer you tax advice on tax planning and preparation as well as filing returns.

Ask for Credentials

Registered and professional tax preparers have a PTIN from the IRS. Though it is relatively easier to obtain. Accountants and seasonal program agents can register for a PTIN as well.

Your best option would be to ask for professional credentials and track record from your tax preparer. Again, depending on your tax preparation requirements, you can choose to hire a professional like a CPA.

Attorneys and CPAs remain at the top of the hierarchy for tax preparation services. A CPA is an ideal option for your tax preparation services with in-depth knowledge of taxes as well as business operations.

Compare the Service Charges

Just like you shop for any services for your business, you can compare packages from tax preparation services. Professional tax preparation services will never hide their costs. They’ll also transparently discuss their pricing plans with their clients.

Some tax preparers charge a flat fee for tax filing, others charge an hourly rate. You can compare the service charges from different CPAs to get an idea of what you’ll pay. Importantly, a professional tax preparer like a CPA will always disclose the service charges to you transparently.

Industry Specialization

CPAs have developed expertise in tax preparation services. Tax compliance and regulatory changes have been evolving rapidly. It has become harder to keep up with the changes holistically. Just like any other profession, CPAs also specialize in these services.

A specialist CPA that has expertise in a particular industry can best advise you on the business operations as well. For instance, a dental CPA will be in a better position to understand your business needs and tax planning than a general tax preparer.

Industry specialization for tax preparers has become important. It helps you prepare tax returns by understanding your business requirements. Business strategies directly affect the tax returns by the year-end. However, blindly persisting on tax deductions or cost-reductions can harm your business practices. Hence, an industry specialist like a dental CPA can offer the best tax preparation planning services.

Get to know your CPA

You can set up an interview, a telephonic conversation, or an e-mail to know more about the tax professional you’re hiring. You can also ask for referrals from your personal and professional networks.

Make sure the tax professional is available when you need to discuss something important. As you may need the advisory services throughout the year for different reasons. Again, partnering with a professional like CPA can help you with that.

Representation in Tax Audits

When you explore different options to choose the best services, include this quality check in your query list. A professional tax preparer will always back you in the IRS audits. Audit representation isn’t required for all business tax filings. However, in some cases, the IRS may send you an explanation or conduct an audit.

Choosing a professional tax preparation service is an equally important task as preparing the tax records. Always consider a professional tax preparer like a CPA who can best advise you professionally on tax and business processes.

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