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3 Reasons to Hire a Bookkeeper

Framingham Bookkeeper A Framingham bookkeeper is one of your most important business asset. He or she provides financial record maintenance to assure all of your transactions are documented. Bookkeepers also provide accurate financial information such as current funds availability for cash flow. Do you have a bookkeeper? If not, learn 3 reasons why you should …

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Top 3 Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper

Framingham MA Bookkeeper Framingham MA Bookkeeper | You’ve most likely heard that a bookkeeper is essential for any business – small or large. But with that said, how do bookkeepers benefit your business? Great question! In general, bookkeepers are trained to maintain business financial records. A bookkeeper’s role could vary between businesses. However, here are …

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4 Steps to Start Your Business: Business Startup Plan

Business Startup Plan Framingham MA | Whitinsville MA A business startup plan is essential for success. Your idea has the potential for growth if the most effective plan is executed. Plans allow entrepreneurs to have a more organized outlook and it increases the chance for higher profits. A professional consultation from a CPA is always …

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Incorporate Business MA | Corporation, LLC, or DBA?

Incorporate Business MA | Corporation, LLC, or DBA? Incorporate Business MA | Corporation, LLC, DBA may seem complicated for anyone starting a business. They are all great options but for tax savings and asset protection, one may be better. So, which one do you choose? We’ve simplified the differences and highlighted the pros and cons …

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What is Audit Representation?

Audit Representation | Tax audits are common and can easily catch anyone off guard. Fortunately, audit representation, or audit defense, is a service that allows a tax or legal professional to represent you or your legal entity.

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3 Tips to Jump Start Your Small Business Today

Accountant in Framingham MA | Starting a small business can be challenging regardless of the industry. Some businesses may require more work than others. But, there’s no denying that learning the basics will help. So, grab a pen and paper. These 3 tips will start you off on right foot to successful entrepreneurship.

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